Perhaps because its purview is so broad, social sustainability is one of the least understood aspects of sustainability. The World Bank provides a useful definition. It describes social sustainability as  “the need to ‘put people first’ in development processes. It promotes social inclusion of the poor and vulnerable by empowering people, building cohesive and resilient societies, and making institutions accessible and accountable to citizens…Social sustainability is also about expanding opportunities for all people today and tomorrow. Together with economic and environmental sustainability, it is critical for poverty-reduction and shared prosperity.” Thus, social sustainability needs to include all development processes and it needs to be considered from the perspective of long (as well as short) term solutions that promote equality and the well being of all people rather than just the chosen or privileged few. We also need to remember that Nevada offers unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities in regard to social sustainability. In particular, given that our economy is driven predominantly by tourism, we need to consider how this fact, along with remaining ingrained inequalities in access to housing, opportunities for career training and advancement, education, likelihood of entering the criminal justice system, etc. affect certain populations more than others.

ImpactNV is committed to working toward a Nevada that we are all proud to call home. Ensuring that our state’s most vulnerable populations receive the shelter and services they need is a priority for our organization.

Our current and past social projects include: