Convene 2023 “3 in 1: Unity Through Sustainability”

This year’s ConveneNV theme is “3 in 1: Unity Through Sustainability,” collaboratively addressing the unifying force of sustainability strengths and opportunities through a program that will explore several sub-theme triads.

These sub-themes examine the social, environmental and economic pillars of the triple bottom line; coalesce Nevada’s three distinct geographical areas (southern, northern and rural); and explore increased public, private, and nonprofit collaboration; all through a state, regional and national context. We are honored to announce that Senator Chris Brooks will return as our Master of Ceremonies to expertly direct the day’s program as discussions evolve through interconnected panels and roundtables. We are equally excited that Special Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Yvanna Cancela has agreed to be our Keynote Speaker this year.

Speakers and attendees will participate in the program via discussions and roundtables:

National Unity Through SustainabilityYvanna Cancela will discuss her perspective on the myriad ways in which the Silver State is a Sustainability Center of Excellence for the nation and Nevada’s role in galvanizing diverse interests, balancing scarce resources, and meeting varied needs through economic, environmental, and social development.

Regional Unity Through Sustainability: A roundtable of regional experts will discuss Nevada’s relevance in the Southwest. Speakers will seek to explore how we can best leverage our centers of excellence and grow our resource opportunities in balance with our regional neighbors to diminish the areas in which we are just a pass-through state for transportation, energy, water, and more.

We are excited to announce, and honored to have, these leaders on our regional sustainability roundtable at ConveneNV:

  • Kristen Averyt, Director for Drought & Western Resilience, Council on Environmental Quality, The White House
  • Jeremy Bauer, Deputy Director, U.S. EPA Region 9 Tribal, Intergovernmental, and Policy Division
  • Dr. David Damore, Interim Executive Director, The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West
  • Dr. Vic Etyemezian, Vice President for Research, Desert Research Institute
  • Pat Mulroy, President and CEO, Sustainable Strategies

State Unity Through Sustainability: This panel discussion of statewide experts from Northern, Southern, and Rural Nevada will integrate and build off of the main themes introduced in the national keynote and regional roundtable via a laser-focused investigation of how we best unify the “3 Nevadas” here at home. Our speakers will delve into our best opportunity to unite the state through public/private innovation and going all-in on triple bottom line investment.

We are excited to announce, and honored to have, these Nevada leaders on our state sustainability panel at ConveneNV:

  • Justin Brown, President, Southwest Gas
  • Corrado DeGasperis, Executive Chairman & CEO, Comstock, Inc.
  • Dave Johnson, Deputy General ManagerSNWA
  • Dwayne McClinton, Director, Governor’s Office of Energy
  • Sondra Rosenberg, Assistant Director, Planning, Nevada Department of Transportation
  • Kris Sanchez, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • Tony Sanchez, Executive Vice President Business and External Relations, NVEnergy
  • Jill Tolles, Executive Director, The Guinn Center

Registration opens at 12:30 PM. The main program will start promptly at 1:00 PM and culminate in a reception following the main event.


CHECK IN: 12:30-1 PM

WELCOME: Lauren Boitel, ImpactNV 1:00 – 1:05 PM

SPONSOR MOMENT: Heather Rapp, Caesars Entertainment Corporation 1:05 – 1:10 PM

FRAMING THE EVENT: Senator Chris Brooks 1:10 – 1:20 PM

NATIONAL CONTEXT: National Unity Through Sustainability” 1:20 – 1:50 PM

SPEAKER: Yvanna Cancela, White House

REGIONAL ROUNDTABLE: Regional Unity Through Sustainability” 1:50 – 2:50 PM

MODERATOR: Nancy Brune, City of Las Vegas

Kristen Averyt, The White House
Jeremy Bauer, Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. David Damore, The Lincy Institue and Brookings Mountain West
Dr. Vic Etyemezian, Desert Research Institute
Pat Mulroy, Sustainable Strategies


COFFEE BREAK: 3:10 – 3:20 PM

SPONSOR MOMENT: Southwest Gas Corporation 3:20 – 3:25 PM

STATE PANEL DISCUSSION:State Unity Through Sustainability” 3:25 – 4:55 PM

MODERATOR: Jon Ralston, The Nevada Independent

Justin Brown, Southwest Gas
Corrado DeGasperis, Comstock, Inc.
Dave Johnson, SNWA
Dwayne McClinton, Governor’s Office of Energy
Sondra Rosenberg, Planning, Nevada Department of Transportation
Kris Sanchez, Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Tony F. Sanchez III, NVEnergy
Jill Tolles, The Guinn Center

SPONSOR MOMENT: MGM Resorts International 4:55 – 5:00 PM


CLOSING COMMENTS: Senator Chris Brooks 5:20 – 5:30 PM

RECEPTION: Networking and continuing the conversation 5:30 – 7:00 PM


ConveneNV 2022 will take place at Horseshoe Las Vegas in Skyview rooms 5 & 6.
Registration begins at 12:30pm (please allow yourself ample time to park and make your way through the casino).
The Horseshoe/Paris Parking Garage is located between the properties. Once in the garage, proceed to the Casino Entrance. At the bottom of the escalator and elevator, turn right to enter the Horseshoe. Once inside, proceed to the right, enter the Resort Tower elevators and go up to the 26th Floor where the Skyview Rooms are located.


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