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Environmental Justice: Tree Planting as a Means to Environmental and Social Sustainability

ImpactNV leads the first ever statewide event that brings law enforcement, the business community, public sector, and community partners together to address critical urban heat island, environmental justice, and equity needs through a tree planting and community education event that launched in 2022 during the week between Earth Day and Arbor Day. Nevada communities that have the worst economic indicators (poverty, unemployment, low access to vehicles, low home ownership) also traditionally have the worst environmental justice indicators (greater pollution, low access to green spaces, increased exposure to extreme heat, etc.). A collaborative tree planting project is a visible example of our investment in the development of our communities that will improve urban heat island and help the state move toward tree equity. Achieving tree equity would ensure that all community members have equal access to the mental, physical, and social benefits that trees and green spaces provide; it would move us one step closer to both an environmentally and a socially sustainable Nevada. 

Along with community partners, we aim to plant 100,000 trees over a 10-year period statewide. This ambitious project was kicked off  last year with events held at the City of Reno, the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and Washoe County. As of the end of last years planting season, we planted a total of 258 trees which left us with 99,742 to go! This year, due in large part to a grant we received from One Tree Planted, we started off the planting season with a small tree planting at Rafael Rivera Park in East Las Vegas. We planted new trees to increase the shade around the playground area. The park is located in one of the census blocks that we will be focusing on this year. As part of the grant mentioned above, we broke  down the planting area to the census block level so that residents could get and perceive the benefits of increased shade/tree canopy sooner than if we spread plantings out across a broader area. That said, we will still be working with other partners and the various jurisdictions to plant trees statewide.

2023 Updates:

  • On Earth Day, we planted 14 Shoe-String Acacias, Ghost Gums, Red Push Pistache, and Indian Rosewood trees.
  •  That brings our total to 272 planted and 99,728 to go!
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Starting off 2023 at Rafael Rivera Park!

Board members Anthony Molloy, Ana Munoz, and Dave Ray joined community residents, private sector workers, City of Las Vegas employees, and a local high school organization to plant 14 trees on Earth Day.

Tree planting fun in Las Vegas!

Board members Amit Bhardwaj , Kim Harvey, Lora Picini, Clinton Pope, Dave Ray, and Marco Velotta joined Councilwoman Olivia Diaz and volunteers to help plant 125 trees.

Clark County joins in!

Trustee Advisory Board member and Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones joined the Las Vegas Prospects youth baseball team, and LVMPD to help plant 10 trees at Desert Breeze Park.

Image from Reno’s successful event!

Board member Suzanne Groneman joined Councilmember Naomi Duerr, Urban Forester Matt Basile, and Deputy Chief of
Police Tom Robinson to kick off our 100,000 tree plan on Earth Day last year!

A Special thank you to all of our sponsors:

Event Sponsors:

Tree sponsors:

Michael Daly – $1500

William Pfund – $500

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