“The relationship between renewable energy sources and the communities we expect to host them must be appropriate and sustainable and, above all, acceptable to local people.”
– Owen Paterson

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Energy consumption is at the crux of developing a sustainable society. This is because developing a sustainable society involves growing an economy while consuming as little non-renewable energy as possible. In order for sustainable energy practices to truly take hold and become widely adopted, it requires cooperation from all elements of society, including governments, businesses and individual residents. An example of such cooperation includes the incentivizing of adopting renewables by government on behalf of local businesses and residents.

Energy Measures from the Interactive Sustainability Report

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Organizations working on energy in Southern Nevada:

“The mission of the GOE is to ensure the wise development of Nevada’s energy resources in harmony with local economic needs and to position Nevada to lead the nation in renewable energy production, energy conservation, and the exportation of energy. The GOE implements the laws of the State as defined in Nevada Revised Statutes 701 and 701A; manages energy-related programs; facilitates cooperation between key stakeholders; advises the Governor on energy policy; and collaborates with our local, regional, and federal partners to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy system.”

“VEA’s mission is to improve the quality of life in communities and the vision is to empower VEA communities to achieve their potential.”

“Southwest Gas is committed to providing procurement opportunities and building sustainable business relationships with diverse suppliers as part of its business strategy to create a mutually beneficial, equitable, and competitive business environment.”

“Our mission is to be a corporate leader and role model for community involvement by investing resources to improve the quality of life for everyone in our service territories throughout the state of Nevada. At NV Energy we have a passion for diversity and inclusion, which guides the way we do business.”