The State of Sustainability Report is Now Interactive!

In Fall 2019 ImpactNV partnered with Applied Analysis to launch the interactive State of Nevada State of Sustainability Data Portal. Highlighting the eight pillars of a sustainable community, the portal organizes data points into the following categories:  Economy,  Health, Nature, Built Environment, Energy, Community, Social Equity, and Transportation.  The metrics and exhibits included in our previously issued State of Sustainability Reports are now integrated into a web page with real time updated metrics from a myriad of public and private sources.

Designed to communicate Southern Nevada’s successes from a community sustainability perspective, the new Sustainability Portal narrows the space between aspiration and accomplishment by highlighting where progress has been made and where there is need for improvement. Real-time data help focus collective attention on the long-term goal of improved community sustainability,  which by its nature, is  constantly evolving and requires broad-based support to achieve.

Users can customize the portal by selecting specific metrics, create custom graphs and reports, and even download data sets.

>Explore the Interactive State of Sustainability Data Portal!

The report is only made possible by our fantastic sponsors (if you are interested in sponsoring check out the donation page on our website).

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