Sustainable Sparks. The City of Sparks, neighbor of Reno, Nevada, is taking actions to become a more sustainable city, with a number of energy efficient and recycling programs.

Sparks’ Sustainable City Efforts

So far over 1,200 street lights have been changed from incandescent to LED lighting, saving energy costs of $330,000 annually, and the city will soon be installing LED lighting at the City Hall facilities, exterior first, then the interior. Solar panel canopies have been installed at the police department to produce solar power and also protect the building and the police vehicles. This project has saved another $60,000 in energy costs. The city also has a major recycling effort under way for waste oil and antifreeze from its fleet vehicles.

There is also a Sustainability Committee to look at short and long term efforts to continue to improve its sustainability efforts.

It’s beneficial to the community and it saves taxpayer money in the long run. It helps us to not rely on outside sources. It’s definitely a win-win for everybody.” — Brian Cason, Acting Capital Projects Manager, City of Sparks

The full article can be viewed on the Sparks Tribune website.