The Pledge

As concerned members of the community of Southern Nevada, we hereby take the following pledge and commit to support all efforts to end Sex Trafficking in Southern Nevada.  

  • January is Human Trafficking awareness month and human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime activity in the United States;
  • Through violence, coercion, friendship, peer presure or the promise of employment and a better life, some of the most vulnerable populations among us – including women and girls, homeless youth, LGBTQ residents, refugees and migrants are exploited for their bodies and lured into slavery by traffickers in Nevada Businesses, neighborhood homes, schools and city streets;
  • Nevada ranks 2nd for the highest number of sex trafficking cases per 100,000 residents in the country, more than twice the national average, and 68% of sex trafficked minors identified in 2018 were LOCAL to Nevada; and
  • Sex trafficking has intersectionaility with other social crises that most affect vulnerable populations such as those that are homeless or immigrants, and
  • We recognize that we must collaboratively tackle the effects of trafficking in our community and work together to address the root causes, and have made this issue a regional priority;
  • Therefore, we, as community leaders of Southern Nevada, do hereby pledge to work collaboratively to end sex trafficking in Southern Nevada and commit to work together as we build bridges to a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous community free of modern day slavery.


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