The Value of Zero WasteThe Value of Zero Waste. What does zero waste mean? It’s exactly what sounds is like! Zero waste is when everything we use becomes something else, nothing is wasted. It keeps trash out of landfills and encourages creative reuse and recycling practices, all while opening up important discussions sustainable supply chains.

From municipalities to manufactures, industries of all kinds are recognizing the societal, environmental and economic value of a waste-less waste stream. A 2014 survey of government officials indicated that major cities across the country have implemented waste plans, with a total of 14% of cities on a path to zero waste.

Major manufactures have taken to the zero waste concept, taking time to account for the full life cycle of their products and materials, from resource extraction all the way to disposal and/or reuse. Most notably, the clothing company Patagonia has taken strides to keep their products and material out of the waste stream. Sports fans can enjoy more environmentally conscious facilities as well, with zero waste plans at major sporting arenas being spearheaded by the Green Sports Alliance.

The business case for zero waste is easily made, as the success of waste-minded companies continues to grow. From lower waste disposal costs, less money being put into the procurement of resources, and a clearer picture of a products life cycle, companies gain both control and capital.

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