Mediaplanet is an independent campaign publisher with the goal of educating an international audience on a variety of subjects. Recently, Nevada’s Desert Research Institute (DRI) has been highlighted by Mediaplanet’s global campaign for clean water and sanitation in developing countries, Global Water Crisis. According to DRI’s website “…the September 23rd edition of USA Today in New York, Washington DC/Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle” included Mediaplanet and other partners’ efforts to educate readers on the more than half a billion people without access to clean water and 2.4 billion people without basic sanitation.

“As part of DRI’s Global Water Knowledge Campaign, this Initiative builds on more than 20 years of water research and training our scientists have done in West Africa. By raising support to provide women throughout these developing countries with access to adequate water sources and access to training we will ensure their family’s well-being and allow them more time to contribute to their villages.” – Dr. Stephen Wells, DRI President.

Mediaplanet specifically highlights DRI’s “Sustainable Water Initiative” which tackles the topic of “Water, Women & Well Being” as part of UNICEF’s WASH program – promoting hand-washing, clean water, sanitation and hygiene. DRI’s website explains that “Providing one girl with clean water and educating her on proper hygiene sets a cycle in motion that impacts her family, her children and her community.” DRI’s Sustainable Water Initiative states that “…women are the influencers, the teachers, the deciders and the economic engine” and with clean water and healthy living standards they become powerful economic contributors.

WaterDesert Research Institute: Sustainable Water Initiative Chart

Learn more about DRI’s Sustainable Water Initiative Here!

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