Sustainable Travel Made Easy By Green Hotel Databases

Sustainable Travel Made Easy By Green Hotel Databases. Planning a trip and want to travel green? Green hotel databases can show you what hotels you can rely on for an environmentally friendly experience. From bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts, TripAdvisor has the latest database of 8,000 hotels to choose from.

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders requires hotels to commit to basic green practices, such as limited linen replacement, recycling, electric vehicle charging stations, and organic food options, to qualify for the program. These hotels report their sustainability measures to TripAdvisor, who then conducts audits to verify the information. TripAdviosr users are asked to chime in as well, proving their own experiences with a hotel’s green practices. This new aid to sustainable tourism supplies conscious travelers with greater resources when making traveling choices.

TripAdvisor isn’t the first to enter the field of green hotel ratings and certifications. Green Engage, another similar program, offers detailed data on almost 5,000 hotels. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) developed this system to help hotels conserve resources and save money. All listed hotels carefully measure their water use, energy use and waste production. Currently registered Green Engage hotels are committed to a 12% reduction to their overall carbon footprint by 2017.

The interactive IHG Green Engage system allows hotels to input their energy, water, and waste usage. They then receive personalized reports and benchmarking data along with solutions to their specific green problems. Between TripAdvisor, IHG, and the many other green hotel databases, it makes for ever-improving green hotel options across the globe. Search GreenLeaders and Green Engage to find hotels near you!

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