Planning for sustainable manufacturingBuilding a sustainable manufacturing game plan. More and more companies are moving toward sustainable operations and supply chains, but there are likely more challenges in the manufacturing sector. It requires strategic planning, but the good news is that the return on investment period is getting shorter and shorter, and to move toward sustainable manufacturing will improve the bottom line more quickly, and be better positioned to meet the evolving regulatory framework.

Some Recommendations for Sustainable Manufacturing

Recommendations to manufacturing companies include taking actions to assure that the company is in compliance with existing regulations; developing an internal culture of awareness for managers and employees so that the company employees are striving to meet the same goals and objectives; and embedding sustainable practices into the manufacturing process.

One example cited is the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream facilities in Vermont, which not only are highly efficient, but strive for the least environmental impact. Excess ice cream, for example, rinsed out of equipment or spilled is given to farmers who add it to their manure for the methane digesters that provide fuel for power generation.

Greener and more energy and resource efficient technologies are driving many of the changes we’re seeing in the manufacturing process. We’re seeing a marriage of lean manufacturing, green technology and environmentally and socially responsible business practices, with incredible results.” — Dave Meyer, senior Consultant, Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc

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About the Author: Lauren Boitel

Lauren Boitel is the Executive Director of ImpactNV, a statewide sustainability NGO convener and coalition builder that drives systemic change around economic, environmental, and social sustainability in the Silver State. Lauren has 12 years of experience as a Sustainability Professional in Southern Nevada and teaches Sustainability & Entrepreneurship for the Lee Business School at UNLV.
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