Kellogg Introduces Climate Change Initiative. On Wednesday Kellogg Co. announced new sustainability goals aiming to lower their carbon footprint and extending this goal to their farmers and suppliers.


Kellogg Introduces Climate Change Initiative

We recognize that upstream agricultural emissions are the single largest source of emissions in our value chain and will focus our efforts on achieving agricultural emissions reductions” – Kellog Co. Climate Policy Update

The agriculture industry is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emission in the United States. This, along with Oxfam International’s Behind the Brand campaign to bring awareness to the supply chains of food and beverage companies, have caused Kellogg and its competitors to move forward with public sustainability goals.

Kellogg is joining a growing list of companies that are putting the weight of their brands behind climate action.” – Oxfam Spokeswoman Monique van Zijl

As greenhouse gas emissions continue to effect the environment, society, and inevitably the economy, companies such a Kellogg must continue to make these commitments in order to protect the already fragile food supply chain.

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