Crops - Field to Market ProgramNew supply chain sustainability program for U.S. crops. The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture has announced a new Field to Market program, which will use metrics developed over several years by some of the major national and international corporations to improve and document food supply chain sustainability.

What the Field to Market Program Does

The program will focus on seven key indicators for agricultural sustainability: land use, soil conservation, soil carbon, irrigated water use, water quality, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  Key targeted crops include corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, rice, potatoes and other crops.

The benchmarking of these agricultural outcomes will help to document sustainability claims and promote sustainable agricultural processes in the supply chain now supported by major corporations. The list of participating corporations is contained in the article posted on the Intelligencer website.

Over the next 40 years, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge to produce crops to provide for 9 billion people within the natural limits of our planet. The nature of this challenge requires an unusual level of transparency and collaboration, and today’s announcement is a pivotal step in achieving this vision at a necessary scale.” — Rod Snyder, President, Field to Market


About the Author: Lauren Boitel

Lauren Boitel is the Executive Director of ImpactNV, a statewide sustainability NGO convener and coalition builder that drives systemic change around economic, environmental, and social sustainability in the Silver State. Lauren has 12 years of experience as a Sustainability Professional in Southern Nevada and teaches Sustainability & Entrepreneurship for the Lee Business School at UNLV.
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