Clean Energy On Display at NCES7. National Clean Energy Summit brought our nation’s energy enthusiasts together this last Thursday, September 4th for a discussion of America’s clean energy future, featuring a Keynote speech from Secretary Hilary Clinton.

Clean Energy on Display at NCES7

While addressing energy issues across the nation and the globe, Clinton made sure not to leave out the summit’s host town. Her call to action for Vegas included a focus on local energy efficiency retrofits of casinos, siting the massive impact it would have on energy use in the state of Nevada.

Imagine if every casino in Las Vegas retrofitted to improve energy efficiency and if they made it possible for all their employees to do the same in their homes. It would save on utility bills. It would save on energy. It would save on greenhouse gas emissions” –Clinton

The remainder of Clinton’s keynote speech revolved around building the United States as a global leader on energy, a point which the summits other speakers echoed. Senator Harry Reid, White House Counselor John Podesta, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vislack, and former ambassador to China Jon Huntsman were among the many speakers to do so.

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