7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Pedestrian Friendly

7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Pedestrian Friendly. Cities in the United States continue to grow as urban life becomes the norm. The task at hand is to continue to develop urban environments with the pedestrian in mind.

How can we make urban environments healthier, more inviting, and walk-able? Here is Wired.com’s list of 7 ideas on how to make urban spaces more pedestrian friendly:

  • Create fine-grained pedestrian circulation
  • Orient buildings to streets
  • Organize uses to support public activity
  • Place parking behind or below buildings
  • Address the human scale with building and landscape details
  • Provide clear, continuous pedestrian access
  • Build complete streets

How can we develop these principles in Southern Nevada, as our city continues to grow?

For more details on these steps check out the full article: 7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Friendlier to Pedestrians




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