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After much work throughout 2015, the City of Las Vegas has received their STAR Certification results, receiving their rating as a 4 STAR community! With a final score of 470.4, Las Vegas became the first city in Nevada and the 43rd in the nation to receive a rating from the nonprofit organization that certifies sustainable communities, STAR Communities.

“We’re in good company with other national leaders like Austin, Tucson, Raleigh, Portland and Washington, DC in the 4-STAR rating category. But our goal is to reach a 5-STAR rating so we will be assessing what steps we need to take locally to get there.”   – Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman

The city will have a chance to learn from the application’s findings, as it helped identify the city’s strengths and weaknesses, make positives changes, and then reapply within a few years.

To learn more about the application process, the results, and overall findings, read the full article here!



About STAR Communities

STAR Communities is a nonprofit organization that works to evaluate, improve and certify sustainable communities. They administer the STAR Community Rating System (STAR) the nation’s first framework and certification program for local sustainability. Cities and counties use STAR to measure their progress across social, economic and environmental performance areas.

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