Three New Solar Projects for Southern Nevada. Three of five potential new utility scale solar power arrays are moving closer to construction just north of Las Vegas, thanks to a federal initiative designed to speed up the process of approving public land for construction of this type.

With federal officials from the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior in town on Monday, the release of three environmental assessment reports, documents that outline the impact of new construction, puts these three projects on track for completion by 2016. With the typical time frame for environmental reviews of this kind being 1-2 years, the Southern Nevada projects are making great time, thanks to the implementation of a pre-screening process for eligible federal land.

The three plots, all under construction by different entities, will generate as much as 480 megawatts of electricity while cover over 3,000 acres of federal land within the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.


To learn more about the projects watch the video here!

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