SNWA Receives National Conservation Award

SNWA Receives National Conservation Award. The Irrigation Association has chosen Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) as the 2014 recipient of the National Water & Energy Conservation Award. SNWA’s Conservation Manager, Doug Bennett, will accept the award at the IA’s conference in November.

The National Water & Energy Conservation Award has been awarded since 1982, honoring an organization that has taken great strides to conserve energy and water through improved irrigation practices. SNWA’s conservation programs have done just that, providing incentives for water smart landscaping and irrigation while providing the community with resources to reduce overall water and energy consumption.

Most notably, SNWA has converted over 170 million square feet of lawn into desert landscaping through their Water Smart Landscaping program, resulting in a savings of 9.5 billion gallons of water a year. Collectively, all SNWA conservation programs have saved more than 72 billion gallons of water.

SNWA Receives National Conservation Award

These conservation programs boast other benefits as well, with as much as 508,000 Megawatt Hours of energy saved by the Water Smart Landscaping program alone. This equates to over 72 million kilowatt hours saved annually, enough to power 5,200 homes. In addition, over 80 contractors have gained Water Smart designations through SNWA training, while creating over $500 million dollars worth of work for the landscape and irrigation professionals.

To find out more about SNWA’s conservation programs click here! Or, to learn more about SNWA’s award and other IA awards programs, visit IA’s website.


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