The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) has announced its 50th member of its Board of Directors, Betsy Fretwell. This ensures the LVGEA is now the largest C-level business board in the State of Nevada, completing their “drive to 50” campaign.

The LVGEA 50 has attempted and succeeded in putting together a group of the strongest and most committed leaders in Las Vegas with the aim of diversifying and strengthening the economy of Southern Nevada. The aim is to make the region an economic powerhouse, not just nationally but on a global scale, creating local jobs, increasing investment, opportunities and ensuring a long term and sustainable solution, not just economically but also across transportation, technology, innovation, education and sustainability. The board represents private and public sectors and communities providing input from across the spectrum.

Betsy Fretwell, the Senior Vice President of Switch becomes the 50th board member. She brings great insight, innovation and additional leadership to the board, helping them to drive Southern Nevada forward. The relationship with such a strong, iconic and innovative organisation such as Switch is invaluable to the LVGEA in promoting innovation, collaboration and looking towards technology to drive economic development, an area that Betsy Fretwell has thrived in throughout her career.

In 2016 Betsy won the ImpactNV Sustainable Leadership Award for her instrumental role in implementing the Mayor and City Council’s sustainability resolutions and was instrumental in helping the City reach an agreement with NV Energy to received 100% of the City’s retail load from renewable sources while in her position of City of Las Vegas City Manager.

With its 50th board member now in place there are exciting times ahead for the LVGEA as they continue to help form a sustainable and successful local economy.

About the Author: Dan Turner

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