Creating a more sustainable Nevada and
a safer, healthier community for us all

OUR VISION: A world where every person has an equal
opportunity to live a fulfilling life

The Shared Future Fund is a first-of-its-kind model in Southern Nevada that seeks to uplift the region’s most vulnerable women and children by addressing three of the most pressing social issues that prevent them from realizing their potential and leading healthy and fulfilling lives: homelessness, trauma from abuse and neglect, and immigrant integration.

The Fund aims to define a new pathway to achieve philanthropic and other funding goals by supporting a holistic, community-centered strategy that emphasizes advocacy and collective impact rather than the traditional approach of contributing financial resources to single, independent entities.

We define a fulfilling life as one that includes access to education, livable wage employment, healthcare, safety, and community connection.

OUR MISSION: To accelerate the deployment of solutions
that support vulnerable populations and ultimately bring
equity to Nevada.

Given the immense scope of the three issues in the lives of vulnerable women and children in Southern Nevada, the Fund will seek solutions that are scalable and, once tested, could be evaluated, revised as necessary, and grown to meet the extent of the problems. The Fund will also be self-sustaining to ensure that there are sufficient resources to address these issues over the long-term and not just serve as band-aid fixes to the problems.

The Fund will provide capital through investment, so it will ultimately no longer need to continue to fund raise but will generate positive, measurable, social impact while providing returns for investors. Pioneering and unique to non-profit foundations in Southern Nevada, the Fund will recycle capital through loans and equity investments and not only provide traditional grants.

We can help solve society’s most pressing social issues through awareness, advocacy and investments that serve as a catalyst for long-lasting results.

We have a collective responsibility to create a safety net where every person is connected to each other and the greater whole; everyone is seen; everyone is heard; and everyone has access to a fulfilling life.

Trauma, shelter insecurity, and lack of community integration can threaten a person’s access to a fulfilling life.

The Fund’s greatest near-term opportunity is to provide financial support for efforts to improve the lives of women and children.

Women and children are uniquely vulnerable; protecting, supporting, and empowering them is a priority of this fund.