Nevada Policy Council on Human Trafficking

The Nevada Policy Council on Human Trafficking is made up of a diverse cross-section of community leaders coming together to pursue collaborative, long-term, systemic strategies to decrease sex trafficking in our state. Further, it is a forum to develop and identify state policy changes, as well as advocate for implementation of those policies, that would ensure all Nevadans have the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life by acting as Nevada’s voice (representing the public, private, NGO, and academic sectors along with community leaders, and survivors) to combat sex trafficking in the Silver State.


To advocate for just and equitable policy solutions through education, collaboration, and coalition building that improve the state and federal anti-trafficking systems; better support victims, survivors, and providers, decrease demand, and ultimately contribute to the
elimination of human trafficking in Nevada.


NPCHT envisions a world that values every human life and develops and advocates for policies that afford every Nevadan a life free from violence, exploitation, or slavery.