Veterans Village is developing a new campus near Nellis Airforce base. The organization is dedicated to providing safe environments for United States Veterans and those at risk of homelessness across Southern Nevada. Currently there are two Veterans Village facilities in Downtown Las Vegas, however the numbers in need are such that a new campus is required.

In an interview with KNPR founder of Veterans Village, Arnold Stalk outlined the plans to convert the old Aviation Motel on Craig Road and Las Vegas Boulevard into transitional housing for homeless veterans. It is to be transformed in the next year subject to a successful completion of purchase.

While there are many homeless Veterans in the Downtown area there are increasing numbers in North Las Vegas. They are attracted by the Veteran’s Affairs healthcare services and the Nellis Airforce Base. The new location will consist of 52 units bringing their grand total to 378, with the aim of hitting 1000 within 3 years. The City of Henderson has been identified as their next location with a shortlist of 4 or 5 potential project locations.

Arnold plans for much of the renovation work to be undertaken by volunteers as with their previous two properties. They have very high standards, so rooms will be of a significant quality with renovation taking 6 months and project completion to take about 1 year.

Arnold states that in their experience the homelessness situation is getting worse across Southern Nevada. Citing an inability to provide new housing, poor mental healthcare and high rent prices as the key factors impacting Southern Nevada’s homeless veterans.

The project does not only provide transitional housing to those in need but offers help to individuals through assisting with job applications, helping them gain access to healthcare and providing nutrition.

If you see homeless people asking for money and you want to help you can call Arnold on 702-6245-792 and you will always get an answer, or send them to the current Veterans Village in downtown. Every person will be treated and helped as individuals.


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