Top 5 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels. Although it’s nearly 93 million miles away from earth, the sun is perhaps one of the greatest sources of clean, renewable energy available. By installing solar panels on your home, you can take advantage of these five benefits of solar energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save some extra money.

  1. A Truly Renewable Energy Source- The sun has shone down on the earth for millions of years and despite doomsday warnings it will continue to do so for many more. Solar energy doesn’t need to be replenished and is always available wherever the sun shines – making it the ultimate clean, renewable energy source to power your home.
  2. Panels are Easy to Install and Maintain- Panels are easy to install and do not require a mess of cords, drilling complications or an external power source to keep running. Since they can be placed on your roof you don’t have to worry about finding land for them or disturbing the neighbors. Once they’re set up, they’re silent and require little maintenance.
  3. Non-Polluting and Easy to Look At- Unlike coal and petroleum, which produce CO2 emissions, solar energy produces no waste product that can harm the environment. Solar panels are also whisper quiet and eliminate noise pollution. On an added note neighbors won’t find anything to complain about as solar panels aren’t eyesore to look at!
  4. Take Advantage of Solar Incentives- Depending on where you live, there may be some tax incentives available to you for installing solar panels. This can put some money back in your pocket to go along with the savings earned down the road from switching to solar energy in your home.
  5. Solar Energy Goes Anywhere You Live- Whether you live in a urban neighborhood or far from the bustle of city life, solar panels can be installed anywhere you live. The sun shines wherever you go so why not take advantage of that and install solar panels? Energy independence and off-grid living doesn’t have to mean doing so without modern conveniences!

Considering a renewable and clean energy source is key to healing the environment and learning to live sustainably. Solar technology has advanced in recent years to make it easy and accessible to homeowners everywhere. If a full solar panel array seems like too much for you, you can find small panels disguised as roof shingles that keep your house looking great while providing you energy.

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