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Residential Recycling Services

Your community may be participating in one of the Residential Recycling Pilot Programs that does not require pre-sorting.

Customized recycling programs that fit the needs and desires of local communities is one of our strengths. We offer flexible collection schedules as well as a wide selection of items that can be collected and processed for recycling. We encourage the community to support us in this effort by participating in our free recycling program. We will visit your home once every other week to collect your recyclable items.

Recycling is simple. If you have individual baskets, follow these four basic guidelines:

Red Basket: Aluminum cans, tin cans and plastic bottles. Empty all cans and plastic bottles. Aluminum cans can be crushed and tin cans should be rinsed out. Remove all lids from all plastic soda bottles and milk jugs. Make sure your plastics are recyclable by looking for the recycling symbols that have a 1 or 2 inside the triangle.

White Basket: Newspapers, telephone books, and magazines. Please remove all strings and rubber bands.

Blue Basket: Glass bottles. Please rinse bottles. Remove caps. Do not break glass. IMPORTANT: Keep all glass jars and bottles separate from other recyclables. DO NOT include mirrors, plate glass, chinaware or ceramics.

Corrugated Cardboard: Flatten cardboard boxes and place them next to the recycling baskets.

Excess recyclables may be placed alongside your baskets as long as they are contained and in clear plastic bags labeled recyclables. If you need additional baskets, please contact our office. If you should move, please leave your recycling baskets at your existing property.

We hope that you will do your part and participate in the recycling program. To help you remember your recycling pickup days, we have prepared a calendar with just your recycling pickup days listed. Simply refer to your last garbage bill to see what recycling section you are in (A, B, C, etc.) and then click on the matching calendar on this page. Print the calendar and refer to it for the rest of the year for your recycling pickup days. If you do not have a recent bill available, please feel free to contact one of our customer service agents at the phone number or email listed below.

For more information about our recycle program, to request the baskets, or to see what day we visit your neighborhood, please contact one of our friendly customer service agents at 702-735-5151 and follow the voice prompts to Residential service. We may also be contacted by email at [email protected]. Email requests will be responded to within three business days.

Additional Recycling Resources

All-In-One or Single-Stream Recycling

kids-recylingAll-In-One™ recycling has been shown to dramatically increase recycling rates in cities across the country. Just toss
approved paper, plastic, cardboard, can and glass recyclables into your container and we’ll do the rest. Start recycling at your home!

Your Republic Services cart holds plenty of recyclables and is easy to wheel to the curb. Our comprehensive recycling process begins the moment we collect your discarded materials. From the curb, we collect the recyclables using automated trucks to safely pick up the materials and deliver them to a recycling center.

Then recycled items get processed, often using advanced sorting equipment– such as disk screens, magnets and optical sorters – to identify and separate different types of paper, metals and plastics. Sorted materials are then distributed to mills and manufacturers worldwide for re-manufacturing.

Disposing of household hazardous waste

Republic Services accepts many different hazardous items found around the house that are not permitted to be disposed of in your regular garbage. Our regularly scheduled drop off days gives our residential customers the opportunity to bring these items to a designated drop off location for proper disposal.

Accepted Items*: Paint thinners, solvents, paint removers, gasoline, diesel fuel, lighter fluid, waste oil, batteries, televisions, computers, pesticides, fertilizers, drain and oven cleaners, adhesives, pool chemicals, aerosol cans, prescription and non-prescription drugs**.

Limited to 15 gallons of liquid or 40 lbs of household waste per customer.

*  Not Accepted: Explosives, ammunition and pressurized gas cylinders
** Prescription medication must be ground up and mixed with kitty litter, sand or coffee grounds in order to be accepted.

Drop Off Locations:

Henderson Transfer Station
560 Cape Horn Dr
Henderson, NV

Recycle Center
333 W Gowan Rd
North Las Vegas, NV