Enjoy the Sahara Bus Rapid Transit ProjectThe Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and the Federal Transit Administration, together with the Nevada Department of Transportation, City of Las Vegas and Clark County, partnered in developing the new Sahara Express rapid transit service, which began operations on May 20, 2012.

Elements of the project included implementation of new dedicated transit lanes and upgrades of the existing traffic signals that together will improve travel times for transit customers and motorists alike. More importantly, the upgrades were made without any additional right of way and the new pavement, sidewalks and landscaping will provide smooth travel.

Sahara Rapid Transit Features

  • Solar-powered passenger shelters with LED lighting and more shading
  • Raised station platforms for easier boarding
  • Ticket vending machines for customers to buy their passes ahead of time
  • Wider sidewalks, upgraded ramps and curbside trees for improved pedestrian access
  • Conversion of existing paved shoulders to dedicated bus-only lanes
  • New pavement along the majority of the corridor will minimize future disruptions from construction
  • Expanded Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communications for better traffic signal control
  • Transit signal priority to help buses move along the corridor faster
  • New traffic signal at 15th Street to facilitate safer pedestrian crossings
  • Extension of premium transit service to outlying areas with elimination of transfers and faster travel time
  • Landscaping to help beautify the corridor and enhance the experience of all users