mgm-green-advantageMGM Resorts International is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship, bringing value to its shareholders and the communities in which it operate. Created to increase the sustainability of the company, Green Advantage is MGM Resorts environmental responsibility platform that focuses on reducing our consumption of the planet’s limited resources through innovation, education and efficiency.

Green Advantage ensures that MGM incorporates environmentally responsible practices that effectively lower its carbon footprint throughout all operations. They believe that a greener business is a better business.

To achieve its sustainability goals, MGM has focused its efforts on five core areas that contribute to its footprint:

  1. Energy & Water
  2. Green Building
  3. Waste & Recycling
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Outreach & Education

These five core areas drive continuous improvements and the result is hundreds of best practices have been implemented and MGM Resorts properties have reduced annual emissions of CO2E by more than 100,000 metric tons.

MGM Resorts Corporate Sustainability Highlights:

  • Over the past five years, MGM Resorts has achieved total savings of more than 300 million kilowatt hours of electricity, 500,000 MMBtu of natural gas, and have saved 1.9 billion gallons of water
  • As a result of our best practices, MGM Resorts properties have reduced annual emission by more than 100,000 metric tons of CO2E
  • MGM Resorts has achieved an overall recycling rate of 37.9%
  • 14,000 tons of MGM Resorts’ food waste was either composted or used as animal feed a local farm in 2011
  • MGM Resorts’ recycling programs help meet the needs of our local schools. A “Teacher Exchange Program” provides unused meeting materials for use in local classrooms.

View MGM’s Corporate Sustainability Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.