Learn about the Basics of Sustainability.What are the basics of sustainability? The word “sustainability” has come to mean a myriad of concepts and practices geared toward making virtually every aspect of life, environment, resources, and the planet more sustainable for future generations.

Many natural resources are finite. The way we use them to produce products, energy, food, and other necessities must be evaluated in terms of how best to preserve nature. The re-use of waste streams, or even eliminating the entire concept of waste is key.  Many major corporations now realize it costs money to dispose of waste. By becoming more operationally efficient, reducing waste streams and re-using end products, they are actually benefiting financially. They are reducing costs and increasing profits.

Basics of Sustainability

This video is a 22 minute illustrated lecture on the basic concepts of sustainability, the beginnings of the sustainability movement, and some of the early pioneers.  It is well illustrated and enlightening.  So if you want a better understanding of “sustainability,” sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation.