We are heavily reliant upon cars in our daily lives, getting to school, work or to the airport. Considering the rapid population expansion in Vegas, and our reliance on gas driven vehicles this is a serious environmental concern. There is therefore a need to address this situation through cleaner transportation methods, and the signs are that Las Vegas is moving in the right direction.

Vegas is ranked as the top metro area for electric vehicle (EV) growth in the U.S and Nevada the second fastest growing State. This move towards EVs has a number of benefits:

  1. Lower maintenance and operation costs – EVs don’t need oil changes, electric charging is much cheaper than gas and there are less engine complications.
  2. Environmental benefits – can reduce emissions by over 50% and even more if electricity is generated through renewable sources.
  3. Convenience – In many cities EVs can use carpool lanes and do not have to pay a tariff to drive in low emission zones. A huge bonus is that you can recharge your car at home, no more trips to the gas station!
  4. Better ride quality – EVs offer a quieter, smoother ride in comparison with traditional gas powered vehicles. Many also come equipped with the latest technologies which will please tech lovers.


Improving technologies mean EVs have an ever increasing range, reducing prices and more charge points, making them a much more viable option for us all. With the likes of TESLA making Nevada their home and the development of the Electric Highway designed to run from Las Vegas to Reno, there is a huge boost for those looking towards more sustainable, lower cost and greener transportation.