Healthy Communities Coalition

Las Vegas Healthy Communities Coalition (LVHCC) is a community-based initiative led by key community stakeholders, dedicated to creating a healthy Las Vegas Valley. LVHCC, anchored by the United Way of Southern Nevada, fosters partnerships and collaboration among diverse community-based organizations and the sharing of resources and best practices in order to improve the health and well-being of Las Vegas Valley residents.

By fostering change and reducing risk within the critical areas of education, health, the environment, public safety and workforce development, we can sustain a healthier community with greater opportunity and potential for every citizen, with emphasis on the most vulnerable children and families.

LVHCC’s work ultimately increases school attendance, high school graduation rates and job training opportunities for the approximately 700,000 children and youth in Southern Nevada. In addition, emphasis will be placed on increasing the number of students who earn licenses and certifications through the community college and higher education systems. Las Vegas Healthy Communities Coalition utilizes the Collective Impact Model in which we all work together to build Cradle to Career initiatives that focus on both short and long-term outcomes for children and youth from birth to career entrance. This model allows LVHCC to use existing resources in a more efficient and effective manner while attracting national resources to meet the needs of our community.

For information please contact:

Nelson Araujo  |  702.892.2346  |  [email protected]


Marilyn Provost  |  702.892.2331 |  [email protected]