The Green Alliance organized an exhilarating and informative networking event at the Tesla showroom in Las Vegas enjoyed by all of the attendees. The event took place 16th February and was packed full of informative presentations, fantastic people passionate about a green future for Nevada, and of course the star of the show, the amazing Tesla electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles  and Test Drives

The night centered on the high-tech, stylish, electric Tesla vehicles. Attendees had the amazing opportunity to sign up to test drive two of Tesla’s newest vehicles, the Model S and the Model X SUV.

Firstly, the Model X. It certainly created a buzz as they pulled up outside and opened the futuristic falcon doors. As much spaceship as family SUV, the Model X sports a stylish panoramic windshield, is the safest SUV on the market and has an impressive 250 mile range from one charge. As the falcon doors close down and you are welcomed by the large display screen the driving experience really begins. For an SUV it has amazing acceleration, going from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, with an all-wheel drive system operated by two motors offering great versatility. A fun and practical family car.

Secondly, people had the opportunity to experience the lightning speed of the Model S. Like the Model X it has a wonderful space-age look and feel but also possesses a perfect 5.0 safety rating and all-wheel drive. It is a 5 door luxury car but with all the speed you would expect from high end sports cars.

You know you are in for an experience when the Tesla representatives warn you to put your head back and prepare for the G force then follow it up with a countdown. As they pulled up to the long strip of road outside of the showrooms the car was put into “launch mode” in order to create maximum acceleration. It did not disappoint. It certainly got the adrenaline flowing as you are thrown back into your seat and the car went from 0-60 in an incredible 2.5 seconds. The third fastest ever made, and yes it’s electric!

People came back in after their ride with a smile on their face. Many still shaking with their hair standing on end. A scintillating experience, and a look into the green and exciting present and future of electric vehicles.

Following all the excitement the fantastic hosts at Tesla provided an insight into their vision of the future. To “accelerate the Worlds transition to sustainable energy”. Including the introduction of self driving vehicles, the development of storage, solar roof tiles and the increasing number of EV charge points.

While the range of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly impressive there is the need for more charging stations. A Tesla power point charges the car in just 30 minutes and they even offer interchangeable batteries for those who need an instant boost.

UNLV Solar Decathlon

As well as Tesla, the students and Professors from UNLV offered an introduction to the upcoming Solar Decathlon. An event they won in 2013 in the USA and finished second in the World! Their unique housing design showed the future for energy efficient housing. Using only materials available on the market they have designed a building that thinks of everything! It generates electricity and heat using solar, monitors usage of appliances, uses a Tesla Powerwall for storage and can even monitor your health. The team are currently starting work on their prototype with the final competition to take place in Denver this October.

The Green Alliance

The event was concluded with a talk from the wonderful Annette Bubak, director of the Green Alliance.  She talked about the exciting events coming up. Most notably GREENFest which takes place on April 22nd. GREENFest brings together southern Nevada’s sustainable community to gather in one location to inform and educate the public.  The event presents various ways to become more sustainable and showcase their meaningful work.

There is also the launch of their exciting new radio show “The Shades of Green” which discusses all manner of green issues and events. The show takes place every Monday 9am -10am on KDWN 720 AM hosted by Paul Ira and co-hosted by Stan Hanel.

A big thank you to the Green Alliance for organizing such a brilliant event, to Tesla for being such accommodating hosts and to the event sponsors Mojave Electric and Polar Shades. They certainly show how far electric vehicles have come. Who says an EV can’t be fun, exciting and fast as well as practical and environmentally friendly? There is also the establishment of Tesla’s Giga factory in Northern Nevada and the State’s development of an electric highway from Las Vegas to Reno. A great, green future for Nevada.