EnergyFit NevadaEnergyFit Nevada, the statewide collaborative energy efficiency organization, helps homeowners make important energy upgrades in their homes, save money on their energy bills and create a safer, healthier environment for their families. Take the first step today by signing up for a home energy assessment for $199.

EnergyFit Nevada Loan Program

Home Performance with Energy StarYou may be aware that a home energy upgrade with EnergyFit Nevada can save you hundreds of dollars per year in reduced air conditioning costs, while keeping your home cooler and more comfortable throughout the summer, and that rebates are available to help reduce a significant amount of the upfront cost. But did you know that there are also low-cost financing options available that can make an EnergyFit Nevada home upgrade even more attractive? Through a collaborative partnership with Green Chips and Nevada State Bank, the Energy Fit Loan Program provides homeowners with low-interest financing of up to $7,500 (paid over 5 years) to help cover the upfront cost of home energy efficiency upgrades. Throughout the duration of the loan and depending on the extent of your upgrades, there is a very good possibility that your energy savings will more than offset the cost of your loan payments (we call this, ‘paid by savings’). And this is in addition to the other rebates!

How Do I Get Started?

To qualify for the low-interest Energy Fit Loan Program you must be a resident of the state of Nevada, own the home that you will be upgrading, and meet a few other standard financing qualifications. The minimum credit score is very reasonable meaning that this loan can work for just about everybody. Northern Nevada homeowners can get started by calling the Nevada State Bank at (775) 851-8811, selecting #4 and asking for information on the Energy Fit Loan Program. In Southern Nevada please call the bank at (702) 399-5626, select #3, and ask for the Energy Fit Loan Program.

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