Through our successful partnership with NV Energy, licensed energy auditors performed an in-person evaluation of everything in your home that uses or could be wasting energy. Please note that this program is no longer active.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this program.



My wife  and I had an energy audit with your representative, Mike Spurgin.  We learned a lot of useful information from Mike. Although we purchased our home only 3 years ago it was built in 1986.  We’ve done a lot to improve our energy efficiency such as all new appliances, new furnace and A/C, replaced the garage door with an insulated one and as well as replaced all the exterior doors.  We’re now at that point where we’re asking ourselves what more can we do?  We’re also looking into adding a pool to our backyard and wanted to know how that would impact our energy use and our bill. Mike was amazing! He had a 12 month side by side energy use comparison so we could see patterns in our energy use. We were surprised to find our house is in pretty good shape. Mike made helpful suggestions like bumping up our A/C by 1-2 degrees to see if we even notice a difference. We walked the house & yard with Mike explaining how adding trees would add natural shade. He also suggested solar screens, solar tubes and blown in insulation. While we’d heard of solar screens before, solar tubes are something we’re looking into, same for the blown in insulation. So much information it was great! We had a friend suggest an energy audit and we weren’t sure what to expect. I just can’t say enough about how much we learned. I already started suggesting my friends call for an energy audit.  I do think that NV Energy could do more to get the word out about this complimentary service they offer.  There’s just so much information out there and it’s great to become a more educated consumer.
– Mari & Tracy Shouse


For the last few months I have had an issue with the energy use in my apartment and have had a tough time figuring out the root cause. Even after working with maintenance and an electrician, we couldn’t figure out what was causing our ridiculously high energy bill. Today, I was lucky to get Tyler Bryce from EnergyFit Nevada to come to my apartment to conduct an energy audit. I’ll be honest in saying that most home visits for utilities or maintenance are a burden and chore for me as a resident, but this was an exception so I wanted to share this story. Tyler called ahead of time to verify the location and the issue at hand. He showed up precisely on-time and introduced himself as a friendly and knowledgable energy auditor. Throughout his visit he was a consummate professional and informed me of the actions he was taking to identify the problem. He did a thorough inspection and I’m hopeful that he identified the issue (a water heater always on). If it were my choice and I had any future issues  arise with our energy needs, I would definitely choose Energy Fit Nevada and Tyler. Thank you for making this awful problem into a great service experience.
– Sean Parker


I wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you about my experience with my recent energy audit conducted by Mike. The audit was very helpful and multi-faceted.  Mike provided me with several different approaches to improve my energy efficiency and comfort, especially during the scorching hot months of Las Vegas summers. He was timely, knowledgeable, polite, professional and competent.  I knew quite a bit about energy conservation (I thought!), but Mike provided me with additional tips and usable information.  I very much appreciated his professionalism and ability/patience to answer all of my questions. Please thank Mike for me.  He did a great job!! Regards from a satisfied homeowner,
– Shelley


Yesterday… I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler Bryce.  I just wanted to send a quick letter and express my gratitude in what he and your company provide. After hearing all the suggestions Tyler shared with me, I feel much more knowledgeable in ways to both conserve energy and cut my monthly bill down.  Tyler was an utmost professional and explained things to me in a very comprehensive, easy to grasp manner.  He was polite, respectful and very accommodating!
– David Villella