Harnessing Geothermal Energy

Harnessing Geothermal Energy for a More Sustainable Way of Life. Geothermal energy, the energy naturally generated by the earth, is a promising source of alternative energy, one that North American civilizations have been using for thousands of years.

The utilization of renewable energy such as geothermal sources is of importance in an increasingly resources-constrained world where agriculture must become more productive and sustainable.” – U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization

Across the globe, geothermal energy is becoming more commonplace. Countries like Iceland take advantage of geography, using volcanic geothermal power for farming, fishing, and electricity production. Developing countries, like Kenya, find the affordability of geothermal power appealing as well. The Kenyan government is hard at work to establish the necessary infrastructure at 14 potential geothermal sites that will bring power to millions of its residents.

Where will geothermal head next?

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