Solar Powers the Las Vegas Sign

Southern Nevada is quickly becoming a recognized leader in renewable energy and environmental responsibility and what better way to proclaim this significant progress than by utilizing our most famous and recognizable historic landmark, the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign?  This project will offset its current electrical consumption using 100% solar energy.

The project was conceived by ImpactNV and was administered through a joint partnership between ImpactNV and Clean Energy Project, two regional non-profit organizations committed to the promotion of energy conservation and renewable energy.  Major funding was provided by the Consumer Electronics Association, the Las Vegas Centennial Commission and NV Energy. The project was constructed by Bombard Renewable Energy who also donated materials and design services to the project.

United States Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on powering the historic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign with solar power:

The historic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is synonymous with Las Vegas and today’s event reinforces Nevada’s commitment to a clean energy future.  The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign has always represented the essence of Las Vegas and today that includes clean energy just as much as being one of the world’s preeminent tourist destinations.  There’s no better place to harness the power of the sun than where the sun shines nearly every day of the year. I remain committed to creating jobs by continuing to grow our clean energy economy in Nevada, and I applaud the Clark County Commission and clean energy advocates for making today’s event a reality.”

Solar Trees

Three free-standing sculptural ‘Solar Trees’ were installed just south of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and were designed to provide the equivalent renewable energy generation to offset 100% of the annual electrical consumption of the sign while providing much needed shade for tourists waiting to take their picture.  The Solar Trees are simple, attractive and make a visual reference to the photovoltaic (PV) shade structures at the entrance to the new LEED-certified Las Vegas City Hall and were sited to not detract from the experience of the sign or the eclectic beauty of the historic Las Vegas Strip.  An informational plaque display near the sign with a scannable QR code is linked to the ImpactNV Community Portal as well as the Clark County Sustainability websites which serve as an educational tool for visitors while they wait to take their pictures.  The ImpactNV Community Portal site includes information about the solar sign project, other noteworthy sustainable facilities in Las Vegas, and also informs visitors and residents about the significant commitment to environmental sustainability that has been made in Southern Nevada.

The high profile nature of the sign makes it a superb symbol as well as an educational opportunity for visitors and locals to become more informed about the significant progress made in creating sustainable communities in Southern Nevada  as evidenced by our  900 plus miles of urban trails and that we boast more LEED certified green building space per capita than any other state in the country.

Impact of Net Zero Energy

The driving concept behind this project is to transform the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign to be fully powered by free, clean solar energy.  The project was conceived not as a PR stunt but rather as a highly visible case study illustrating how a community or business can reduce their energy consumption and replace it with non-fossil renewable energy sources toward a goal of “Net Zero Energy.”  This Net Zero Energy (NZE) sign represents one of only a handful of NZE structures in Nevada and one of the first free-standing NZE animated monument signs in the country.