Immigrant Integration Defined: defines immigrant integration as a dynamic, two-way process in which immigrants and the receiving society work together to build secure, vibrant, and cohesive communities.

As an intentional effort, integration engages and transforms all community members, reaping shared benefits and creating a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The important parts of this definition: 

  • Two – way: both the newcomer(s) and the established residents share responsibility for the well-being of one another and of the broader community.
  • Work together: This requires change on the part of the immigrant and the receiving community; it is a dynamic give-and-take process that takes place over time. 
  • Engages and transforms: Through the integration process, the receiving community learns to respect the skills, languages, and cultures that newcomers bring and, simultaneously, play an active role in meeting their needs. Long-established residents eventually come to recognize immigrants as assets who contribute to the long-term vibrancy and prosperity of their community.


More Nevada Immigrant Metrics

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Where do most immigrants in Nevada come here from?

Immigrant impact on Nevada’s economy:

Immigrants in Nevada contribute billions of dollars in taxes to the state each year ($2.2 billion federally in 2014 and $733 million in state and local taxes) and add billions of dollars to Nevada’s economy as consumers ($10.3 billion in spending power in 2014).

Immigrant impact on Nevada’s workforce:

Immigrant workers comprise 25% of the state’s labor force; most numerous in the following industries: Hospitality & Food Service, Construction, Business Management and manufacturing. (Undocumented immigrants comprise 10.4% of the state’s workforce.)

Coming Soon!

The first of its kind one-stop resource guide developed collaboratively to welcome New Nevadans to our community, the “Together We Prosper” immigrant integration toolkit will provide resources for food, shelter, education, healthcare, legal aid, language access, advocacy, community engagement and more.