ImpactNV is excited to introduce our new Faces of Sustainability feature! With so many great community leaders, we thought it was about time we got to know them a little better. As we continue to define sustainability for our community, lets take a look at the stories of the women and men who contribute to the economic, social, and environmental success of Southern Nevada.

Check out our featured leaders:

Veronica McKinney

ImpactNV has a conversation with Veronica McKinney an Engineering student from UNLV. She is a huge advocate of solar energy, the environment and sustainability in Nevada. A leader of the future.


Amber Boskett

ImpactNV has a conversation with Amber Boskett, Executive Director of State Renewable Energy, Board Supervisor at the Conservation District of Southern Nevada and Project Manager of the Zion Garden Park Agricultural Assistance Program.


Tom PerrigoTom Perrigo 

ImpactNV has a conversation with Tom Perrigo, one of the original Co-Founders of ImpactNV, as well as a great visionary and leader in our community through his work as Director of Planning at the City of Las Vegas.


Gary WoodGary Wood

ImpactNV has a conversation with Gary Wood, Renewable Energy Program Manager at Southern Nevada Water Authority. As an original co-founder of ImpactNV, he has tirelessly supported the organization from the very beginning.


Chris GunchiglianiChris Giunchigliani

ImpactNV has a conversation with Trustee Advisory Board Chair, Chris Giunchigliani. She has been a huge advocate of ImpactNV for several years now, has shown tremendous leadership, and taken action whenever possible to help move the organization forward.


d6505563-ebf8-4fa5-be51-ebdc662712e8John Restrepo

ImpactNV has a conversation with the community leader who has spent 36 years analyzing regional economic trends in the interest of helping other community and business leaders make good decisions, RCG Economics Principal, John Restrepo.


278de6bf-8cac-43d5-b806-b590ec33abb3Lynn Davis

ImpactNV has a conversation with the community leader who was the driving force behind the coalition that helped to establish Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument in Southern Nevada, National Parks Conservation Association Senior Program Manager, Lynn Davis.



Gwen Migita

ImpactNV has a conversation with community leader, life long learner, ENTJ Executive, and Caesars Entertainment Corporation VP, Gwen Migita



Mayor Goodman

ImpactNV has a conversation with community leader and master power napper, City of Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman



Scott Emerson

ImpactNV has a conversation with community leader and American Red Cross Regional CEO, Scott Emerson