ConveneNV 2019

ConveneNV 2019

A Decade of Progress

October 10, 2019 | The Springs Preserve


Preliminary Agenda

TIME   4:30 PM – 8:00 PM
(Check-in:  4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

THEME     “A Decade of Progress”

WELCOME      Lauren Boitel, Executive Director, ImpactNV      5:00 – 5:05 PM

Welcome and thank you for joining ImpactNV, together with our partner United Way of Southern Nevada, at our 10th Anniversary celebration of ConveneNV.

SPONSOR     Caesars Entertainment Corporation     5:05 – 5:10 PM

FRAMING    Moderator:  Elizabeth Thompson, The Nevada Independent   5:10 – 5:15 PM

ConveneNV, A Decade of Progress, is a 10-year retrospective of the social, environmental, and economic impact our organization has had in Southern Nevada and the progress our region has made overall in these three sustainability pillars. We will hear from leaders in each sector discussing the major advancements we have achieved as a community over the past decade as well as some forecasting of exciting developments on the horizon. The evening will end in a reception and signing ceremony for the Southern Nevada Sustainability Declaration that was originally signed on to by community leaders in 2009.

KEYNOTE     Steve Sisolak, Governor, State of Nevada      5:15 – 5:25 PM

“A Decade of Progress in Our State”

We’ll kick off the upcoming discussions of our regional success and highlights over the past decade by sharing his thoughts and perspective on the state’s collective efforts for the past ten years of making Nevada a more economically, socially and environmentally vibrant, resilient and sustainable place to live, work and play,

Release of ImpactNV’s State of Sustainability Data Portal”      5:25 – 5:45 PM

ImpactNV announces the launch of the Southern Nevada Sustainability Data Portal, the most comprehensive data portal in Southern Nevada.  Designed to highlight the eight pillars of a sustainable community via a web based portal, it houses data and exhibits included previously in our State of Sustainability Report with real time updated sustainability metrics. The goal of the Southern Nevada Sustainability Data Portal is to communicate southern Nevada’s successes from a community sustainability perspective in order to narrow the space between aspiration and accomplishment by highlighting what the community has done as opposed to what it needs to do. The Data Portal will  help focus collective attention on the long-term goal of improved community sustainability, which is a constantly evolving set of initiatives that requires broad-based support to achieve.

Speaker:  Jeremy Aguero, Applied Analysis

A Decade of Environmental Progress”     5:45 – 6:15 PM

We’ll hear from community leaders in the water, energy, transportation, and waste management sectors as they discuss our region’s biggest environmental accomplishments over the past ten years and what exciting advancements we can all look forward to in the Silver State’s future. The discussion will be framed around the following regional environmental goals:

  • Conserve energy and water resources effectively. 
  • Minimize waste production and disposal. 
  • Seek balance between resource usage / economic growth and a healthy ecosystem. 
  • Utilize technology to work with the environment.


  • Tom Perrigo, Executive Director of Community Development, City of Las Vegas
  • David Swallow, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
  • Chris Brooks, Senator, State of Nevada

 “A Decade of Economic Progress”     6:15 – 6:45 PM

Representatives from the economic development and diversification sectors will discuss our most successful economic achievements over the past ten years and what exciting developments we can hope to see in Nevada’s future. The discussion will be framed around the following regional economic goals:

  • Maintain and enhance the current economic base. 
  • Attract and foster diversified economic development. 
  • Explore synergies that will allow current businesses to grow and flourish.

Speaker:    Steve Hill, CEO,  Las Vegas Convention & Visitor’s Authority

A Decade of Social Progress”     6:45 – 7:15 PM

Community pioneers who have tackled our biggest social sector issues will share our region’s significant successes in the areas of poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, immigration, and more; as well as some what’s on the horizon for our state. The discussion will be framed around the following regional social goals:

  • Promote a sense of community and encourage community involvement. 
  • Encourage a value system that strengthens families and ensures a safe community.
  • Develop an atmosphere where educating our youth and lifelong learning is of prime importance.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles while supporting an accessible and affordable Healthcare System. 
  • Support Community programs to help those in need while encouraging the effort toward Independence.


  • Gwen Migita, Global Head of Social Impact, Equity & Sustainability, Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • Kyle Rahn, President & CEO, United Way of Southern Nevada
  • Yalmaz Siddiqui, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, MGM Resorts International

KEYNOTE       Matthew Lister, Managing Director, Gehl        7:15-7:30 PM

“A Decade of Progress Ahead”

Mathew Lister is a creative urban strategist and designer focusing on the intersection of real estate strategy, the design and activation of public space, and how shared systems can be better balanced towards the needs of people in cities. Often working at multiple scales with both private and public clients, he strives to develop aspirational, yet economically sustainable and implementable solutions. Matthew also brings an expertise in collaborative engagement with diverse communities in the urban change and development process. Mathew will draw on this experience to close the program with insights and lessons learned working on the next frontier of sustainable cities to offer a vision of what could be in Southern Nevada’s future for the decade ahead.

SPONSOR      MGM Resorts International     7:30 – 7:35 PM

Declaration Signing     7:35 –  8:00 PM

In a nod back to our 2009 Convene for Green, founding Trustee Board members will kick off the signing ceremony as trustees, board members, and community leaders re-commit to the Sustainable Nevada Declaration.

Lead Speakers:

  • Jan Jones Blackhurst, Executive Vice President, Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility, Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • Carolyn Goodman, Mayor, City of Las Vegas