Soon after Green Chips (now ImpactNV) was first formed in 2009, we brought together the community to highlight sustainability issues and share successes.  Ever since that first small gathering, we have held annual “convenings” bringing together the public sector, nonprofits and private industry to talk about, learn, explore, celebrate and move forward sustainability in Southern Nevada.

ConveneNV 2019: A Decade of Progress
A Decade of Progress”  was a 10-year retrospective of the social, environmental, and economic impact our organization has had in Southern Nevada and the progress our region has made overall in these three sustainability pillars. Leaders in each sector discussed the major advancements we have achieved as a community over the past decade as well as some forecasting of exciting developments on the horizon. The evening ended in a reception and signing ceremony for the Southern Nevada Sustainability Declaration that was originally signed on to by community leaders in 2009. 
ConveneNV 2019 Full Program Outline (pdf)
ConveneNV 2018: Transforming Our Community
ConveneNV, formerly Convene for Green, was been rebranded to more accurately convey a comprehensive call to action for the sustainable development of our region. With the 2018 theme, Transforming Our Community, ConveneNV recognized the resiliency of a truly galvanized community and focused on two of the greatest challenges facing Southern Nevada: homelessness and trafficking. All businesses, public entities, NGOs, and residents, acting in collaborative partnership toward aligned goals, can take the bold and transformative steps needed to shift the community to a more sustainable and resilient path. It is a collective journey that builds off of previous regional goals established at past Convene for Green summits as well as the great work already being done in the community. ConveneNV, Transforming Our Community, was held to stimulate action over the next year in these areas of critical importance for all Nevadans.
ConveneNV 2018 Full Program Outline (pdf)
Convene for Green 2017: Our Future in Focus
Our Future in Focus examined the interesting dynamic that exists in Southern Nevada between visibility and impact. It is about examining the optics of who we are as a community and what components of our regional genetic makeup are made visible versus the elements we don’t show, don’t see, or choose not to see. It is about showcasing the organizations, projects, and people who are truly making an impact in the sectors of our community with the biggest successes and the largest opportunities for improvement identified in Green Chips’ State of Sustainability report: Energy, Healthcare; Education, Arts & Culture; and our social sector.
 Convene for Green 2017 Full Program Outline (pdf)
Convene for Green 2016: 360 Degrees of Sustainability
360° of Sustainability was about celebrating and continuing to build a robust, thriving community we can all be even prouder to live in. We have to define sustainability here as not just “green” and not just environmental but a vibrant community that supports itself without compromising the future. Sustainability is about people (a robust workforce and strong community), innovation (sparking and nurturing new and forward looking creative ideas and actions) values (families, faith, personal commitments), and the use and renewal of natural resources. A sustainable community cannot focus on any one of these areas, or even a group of them alone; it must focus on all of them, how they interact and effect each other, for the good of all.
Convene For Green 2016 Full Program Outline (pdf)
Convene for Green 2015: Creating Our Sustainability Identity
“Creating our Sustainability Identity” focused on community, resources, visitors and the future. We gathered to discuss the greatest economic, environmental, and social successes of the past year and how they contributed to the sustainability identity of the region, how they pointed to the biggest challenges in the future and how partnership with the private sector and/or community engagement can help these projects succeed. The event concluded with a reception and awards ceremony highlighting how we have moved the dial, as a region, on the sustainability road map.
Convene For Green 2015 Full Program Outline (pdf)