Our Mission

ImpactNV is Nevada’s leading sustainability voice creating innovative partnerships among businesses, government, and non-profits through education, community projects, and collaboration.

Our Goals

ImpactNV is a 501(c)(3) non-profit catalyst organization, founded in 2008, that is dedicated to building community through collaborative partnerships for a more sustainable future. Sustainability is, in many facets, a transformational word. It is transformative first in that the understanding of what it means to be “sustainable” has changed over several decades. Originally defined as the productive harmony between humans and nature that was necessary to guarantee the flourishment of mankind, sustainability has since taken on far more meaning. The economy, health, nature, built environment, energy, community, social equity, and transportation now make up the components that ensure the endurance of prosperity.

Our community is a national leader in this area and ImpactNV’s efforts have contributed significantly to that leadership through our mission to be the leading voice of sustainability in Southern Nevada. By promoting innovative partnerships among businesses, government and non-profits, ImpactNV works to focus the region’s resources on the issues and challenges facing our community. Through this process, and programs such as Convene for Green, ImpactNV amplifies and supplements local efforts that are dedicated to improving the quality of life and longevity of the region.

In this effort, ImpactNV has three major goals: strengthening inclusive connections to continually improve our community, establishing action plans to meet high-level goals and metrics through collaborative cross-sector partnerships and leveraging the efficiency and synergy of shared economic and human capital. With a scope as broad as sustainability, the formation of an inclusive community network is imperative to address the diverse needs of the Las Vegas metropolitan area and its neighbors.

This network is dedicated to raising public awareness and identifying funding resources in support of educational outreach programs and site-based sustainability projects. The establishment of collaborative partnerships seeks to find synergy between the diverse organizations already engaging the community in the endeavor to promote sustainability, be it economic, environmental or social. Government entities, corporations and charities are just a few examples of the many resources available to Southern Nevada that will become more efficient and reach more residents by joining together. Finally, ImpactNV assists its partner agencies in aggregating federal, state, local and foundation financial resources to bolster existing social services, environmental projects, and economic development.