ImpactNV is Nevada’s independent social, economic and environmental sustainability alliance. An independent nonprofit comprised of (regional) community leaders  and organizations representing the public, private, and NGO sectors actively working toward the sustainable development of Nevada.

ImpactNV supports the following guiding principles for all citizens:

  1. A robust and diverse economy that provides good jobs, living wages, and affordable housing.
  2. Stewardship of, and access to, a clean and reliable water supply, good air quality and open responsible waste management.
  3. Smart development of our built environment that minimizes the impact on our natural environment and provides open space and trails.
  4. Equitable access to affordable, clean energy choices for residents and businesses.
  5. A safe and secure community with a rich and thriving cultural core that promotes education, arts, and diversity.
  6. Commitment to equal opportunity, equitable access to social services, and promotion of healthy communities.
  7. Provision of transportation choices that minimize commute times and emissions.



ImpactNV identifies and prioritizes the region’s most pressing challenges, researches and proposes creative, flexible, and innovative solutions through facilitated discussions and the sharing of best practices, and then convenes, collaborates, builds awareness, making compelling arguments that drive positive, long-term, systemic change.

How we drive change/our process:

  1. Assessment – Use and provide meaningful data about our region that accurately reflect the strengths and opportunities of our community.
  2. Identification & Prioritization – Analyze the data against the key characteristics of our community to identify underlying root causes and the intersectionality of issues to create a strategic plan of action.
  3. Convening & Building Awareness – Share ideas, changing perceptions, and effectively marketing our findings to primary audiences.
  4. Enacting Action – Implement strategy and pursue solutions to help Nevadans build a better community and to demonstrate to visitors that Nevada is not only a world class entertainment, dining, and business center but also a sustainable destination that offers an excellent quality of life. 
  5. Evaluation – Consistently measure our success and adjusting strategies given an understanding of the changing nature of our dynamic community and its evolving needs.

Impact NV - Nevada's Sustainability Alliance