The Blue Ribbon Panel on Social Equity is a group of exceptional Nevadans seeking to investigate, analyze, and question the social fabric of the Silver State and to utilize member expertise and knowledge to recommend an actionable strategy for improving fairness, justice, and equity for all Southern Nevadans.


We define social equity simply as fairness and justice for all. Recognizing the breadth of the social equity umbrella, this Blue Ribbon Panel will initially prioritize racial equity as a way of focusing our efforts in the short term. As a process, racial equity means that people who experience systemic inequities are meaningfully involved in the creation and implementation of policies and practices that influence their lives. As an outcome, this means everyone has what they need to thrive and race does not determine socioeconomic outcomes. The subtopics of racial equity the Blue Ribbon Panel will explore include:

  • Economic Equity (Housing, Workforce, Education, Technology & Financial Literacy)
  • Community Policing & Relations with Law Enforcement
  • Environmental Justice, Transportation, & Energy Equity
  • Health Equity During the Pandemic and After (Physical & Mental)
  • Youth Voices & Leadership
  • Equity Intersectionalities
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